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Custom product –> TEXTURE HD

Personalize your Coolors product with high-definition textures and give a touch of class to your home!

The customizable Coolors products with texture HD are:

• MINI BACKSPLASH for the kitchen or other uses
• PANEL/BACKSPLASH for the kitchen or other uses

For the qualities of the products and brands of the proposed appliances you can consult our catalogs in the PRODUCTS section in the menù.

1) Search for the file with the subject you like best.

2) Request a quote and information from our operator by clicking on “REQUEST INFORMATION” or on “CONTACTS”, filling out the form.

3) The feasibility of the project will then be confirmed by our operator.

* The files sent can be retouched by us (saturating the gray and light blue tones) and / or modified in size in order to avoid problems during printing and to adapt them to the dimensions of the requested product.

4) The rendering will then be made for approval and finally printed.

Read the Guide below which clearly illustrates what characteristics the files must have in order to be printed on Coolors products.
Consult the archive and choose the image you prefer by following the characteristics required.

  • mattoni-in-pietra-grigia11LR0250P
  • PH750-Bosco-11LR0219P
  • PH750-Castagne-11LR0089S
  • PH750-Confetti-colorati-11LR0053S
  • PH750-Fette-arancia-11LR0091S
  • PH750-Fette-kiwi-11LR0111P
  • PH750-Foglie-autunnali-colori-autunno-1LR0172S
  • PH750-Foglie-autunnali-rosse-11LR0174S
  • PH750-Foglie-luminose-11LR0068S
  • PH750-Fragole-11LR0062P
  • PH750-Gocce-d’acqua-11LR0066S
  • PH750-Juta-(coperta-tessuta-in-juta)-11LR0092S
  • PH750-Juta-11LR0082S
  • PH750-Lastra-metallica-11LR0198S
  • PH750-Legno-di-Pero-tagliato-11LR0245P
  • PH750-legno-sbiancato-vecchio-11LR0100P
  • PH750-Listelli-di-legno-ad-effetto-11LR0227P
  • PH750-Listelli-di-legno-di-risulta-posati-11LR0050P
  • PH750-Mattoni-sabbia-11LR0094P
  • PH750-Pane-misto-11LR0117P
  • PH750-Parquet-acero-small-11LR0166P
  • PH750-Parquet-coffee-&-milk-11LR0155P
  • PH750-Parquet-douglas-black-11LR0154P
  • PH750-Parquet-faggio-small-11LR0162P
  • PH750-Parquet-moce-small--11LR0164P
  • PH750-Parquet-small-oala--11LR0161P
  • PH-750-Pasta-conchigliette-11LR0125S
  • PH750-Pietra-naturale-rivestimento-11LR0228P
  • PH750-Quarzo-grigio-scuro-posato-11LR0235P
  • PH750-Riso-bianco-11LR0118S
  • PH750-Sabbia-asciutta-beige-fine--11LR0126S
  • PH750-Sabbia-asciutta-grigia-fine-11LR0086S
  • PH750-Tappeto-di-LANA-11LR0085S
  • PH750-Terra-scura-11LR0075S
  • PH750-Travertino-scuro-11LR0234P
  • PH750-Vecchie-assi-di-fienile-11LR0093P
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