COOLORS, production and sale of refrigerator colors, home appliances, kitchen splashbacks and complementing decorated furniture.

WORKS COOLORS (depliant)
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Have you ever thought of personalizing your kitchen with a refrigerator colors or cooker hood ? 

Thanks to Coolors innovative technology you can now make your home completely unique:
refrigerator colors / freezers, home appliances, cooker hoodskitchen splashbacks and complimenting decorated furniture. With our innovative production it is now possible to integrate you decorated furniture / home appliances with ‘glitter’, Swarovski crystals, illuminative pigments and photosensible. 

Are you tyred of the same and boring tales? Would you like an alternative solution and original way to furnish your kitchen?

Coolors panels have been thoughts as an alternative to the usual tales between basis and wall hangings in the kitchen, they can be  either measures and decorations.

Would you like to co-ordinate the home furnish with "Coolors" products?
All the Coolors products can be co-ordinate between them in all the proposed subjects

You can consult all the Coolors products inside the Products section.

Is possible to realize preemptive personalize photos and home furnish designs with refrigerators, cookers hood, panels, home appliances and furnish complements!